How Virtual Accountants help you to grow

Virtual Accountants can help your business grow. Virtual Accountants are synonymous with regular financial accountants for businesses. It’s the practice of providing online accounting services to help businesses stay compliant and grow their profits. Working with Virtual Accountants helps you focus on growing your online business. In this post, I’ll answer the question “How can Virtual Accountants help business to grow?” and I’ll explain how I perform Virtual Accounting Solutions at my Virtual Accounting Firm.

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Virtual Accountants grow businesses

Hi! I am Yvette, YOUR virtual accountant for peace of mind!

In this blog post, I am going to discuss the reasons for a virtual accountant and how the services of a virtual accountant can help your business to grow.
Firstly, once you are ready and looking for virtual accountants to help grow your business, I am available to help you.
As a Virtual Accountant and Business Building Strategist, I help build & grow online businesses to become profitable thriving empires!
As a creative entrepreneur, coach, or online consultant, your business journey to success can be overwhelming! 
Many unknown deadlines, compliance responsibilities, and never-ending taxation challenges can cause stress
I totally get it.


Since 2005, I have been working with several creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants.
Therefore, as a solopreneur myself, I completely understand what type of help you need. In addition, I resonate with your need to focus on growing your business.
After all, I know exactly what you don’t want, and that is to waste your time on accounting tasks that don’t grow your business.
Secondly, as a certified accountant, business mentor, and money mindset coach, I have a passion to help.
I found that virtual accountants and online accounting solutions solve many problems and challenges.
However, many of these challenges are faced by creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and online consultants on a daily basis.

Virtual Accountants grow businesses by providing solutions that help to grow businesses.

They help to reduce costs, saves time, and free up resources.

Virtual Accountants grow businesses
Thirdly, most online entrepreneurs start a business with these main goals:
  • to reach their full potential,
  • achieve regular financial goals
  • attract paying clients
  • create dream lifestyles and
  • have more freedom of time, money, and location
After that, when you first start your journey, you might not realize the impact of accountants in your business until you need the help of one.
In conclusion, here are several reasons when Virtual Accountants are needed in your business:
  • Compliance regulations are overwhelming to keep up with
  • Statutory legislation is unclear and you don’t know what to submit next, when to comply and what to pay
  • You want to focus on growing your business but is stuck behind loads of paperwork, financial reports, and endless deadlines
  • You feel you can no longer keep track of your numbers and don’t understand your reports

Virtual Accountants grow businesses by offering Virtual Accounting solutions.

These solutions enable agencies to build profitable online businesses.

By ways of less effort, more impact, and increased profits, faster.

Firstly, there are many different types of accountants to assist small businesses.
Secondly, as a Virtual Accountant, I specialize in Virtual Accounting solutions that help creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and online consultants to build online businesses. These online business entrepreneurs want to reach the freedom of time, money, and location.
Thirdly, an online business creates a platform to reach more than one, with fewer costs and greater impact.
Since the pandemic, the need for virtual (online) solutions arises each month. So the potential to grow an online business has never been better. The opportunities to build a successful online empire are available today and should not be missed. More on how Virtual Accountants can help you grow your business is found in the vision and mission of my Virtual Accounting Firm.
Above all, my core mission behind launching my Virtual Accounting Firm is to help, serve and support online businesses to start, maintain and grow into powerful successful profitable online empires.


In conclusion, outsourcing your accounting functions to me will help you to gain peace of mind knowing that the following are taken care of in your business:

  • Cloud Accounting such as basic bookkeeping, tracking of your expenses, and collecting your income
  • On-time Tax submissions for all tax profiles
  • Regular real-time reporting to understand your numbers and make better-informed decisions
  • Online support via e-mail, chat-bots or Zoom calls to help you implement productive strategies
  • Access to several systems to help with workflows and onboarding processes
  • Access to a hub filled with digital marketing solutions to help you build your brand and establishes a social presence, captivate paying clients and implement sales solutions to thrive.

However, working with Virtual Accountants is the start to growing your business and it can begin with a simple process:

#Step 1:
You decide where your business needs virtual accounting solutions by reviewing the various options I can offer your business
#Step 2:
You book a discovery session (at no cost to you) where we will discuss the exact pain points, requirements, and goals you want to reach. I will then provide you with an immediate roadmap on how I can best help you to reach your end destination.
#Step 3:
Once agreed on this roadmap and the best options available to you, we then align this roadmap with your business budget and discuss the most cost-effective solution to help you reach your end destination.
My aim is to serve and support all stages of your business journey. As a Virtual Accountant, I start by helping you to grow your online business.
If I am not able to assist you and to provide the best possible solution, I will clearly inform you and will rather direct you to an expert who can provide you with the best possible solution you deserve.
Whether you are a mature creative agency or a novice creative entrepreneur, starter coach, or new online consultant, there is a specific solution just for you.
Each solution is crafted to meet you right where you are.
Virtual Accountants grow businesses

In addition, working with me will help you to plan your financial commitment by paying a month-to-month membership.

With every month-to-month membership you will receive access to these benefits:
  • Member discounts for other services, programs, courses, and coaching sessions
  • Access to important Business Document Templates, planners, and guides
  • Free online support
  • Access to reminders and notifications about important dates and deadlines
  • Access to a Virtual Community for inspiration and networking opportunities
  • Free monthly Webinars, training workshops, and LIVE events
  • VIP access to our challenges, online courses, and new tech tutorials
These month-to-month memberships start from $40 pm (R600 pm) and increases as your business needs arise.
The two most popular types of memberships for virtual accounting solutions are detailed as follows:
Package 1: DEPARTURE
Features: Basic Bookkeeping and Business Management
  • Cloud Accounting Software License for 3 users
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Document Cloud Archiving
Package 2: CRUISING
Features: Compliance Management
  • Includes Departure Benefits
  • Tax Practitioner Services
  • Virtual Accounting Services
  • Virtual Payroll Services

Only once you are familiar with the processes of working with me, a Virtual Accountant, and you experienced the various benefits of these memberships, in addition, you should consider moving to these solutions:

Features: Advisory, Automation, and Acceleration to growth
  • Includes both Departure and Cruising Benefits
  • Business Taxation Advisory
  • Money and Mindset Coaching
  • Systems, tools, and workflow automation processes
  • Brand Identity and Social Media marketing strategies to captivate paying clients
Package 4: THRIVE
Features: Optimization and financial wealth management
  • Help you Build Online Sales Solutions for success
  • Business optimization and wealth management by leveraging your exit plan
  • Implement intelligence to reach recurring passive income streams
In the end, I meet you wherever you are in your journey to business growth and success.

Ready to learn more about how I can help your business grow?


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Shalom!Virtual Accountants help businesses

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