4 Exercises to BIG Business Ideas


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So, you want to be an ENTREPRENEUR, but you just can’t seem to peg down an idea on which to base your business.

It all starts with your passions.

Entrepreneurship can be a difficult journey when your foundations are laid wrong.

Virtually any article you read in magazines or online state that a business lacking passion is bound to fail.

So how do you figure out what YOU are passionate about and whether it can then be turned into a business?

You can do these FOUR exercises to find out:

Exercise ONE – revisit your childhood

When you are an adult with responsibilities and a hectic job it’s easy to forget what your personal interests are.

One of the best ways to plug into your passions is to revisit your childhood to see what you loved doing then.

Make a list of those things you remember enjoying and have a go at trying them again as an adult.

If you still enjoy the activity, ask yourself how they can be translated into a possible business.

As an example, if you enjoyed making paper airplanes and building models, try it again as an adult.

Only this time you have a bit more pocket money to enjoy some grown-up versions of the hobby.

Then look around to see if there are businesses catering to your interest, that offer service, repairs, collectors’ items, etc.

Exercise TWO – List your heroes

We are not talking about only entrepreneurial heroes here like Richard Branson who just seems to be having more and more fun while getting richer and richer.

Whatever your hobbies, interests, and passions are, there are distinguished people to look up to.

If you want to be a professional dance instructor, find people who are doing what you’d love to do and find out if it’s all you hope it will be and whether you can realistically achieve your goal.


Exercise THREE – Escape the rat race

They say change is as good as a holiday, but sometimes a holiday is needed to facilitate change.

Take a break from your daily responsibilities to free up your mental and physical energy.

Do something that is out of your comfort zone or out of the ordinary.

The change of scene may be just what you need to have that passion and entrepreneurial epiphany.


Exercise FOUR – Screw it, just do it

In the words of Richard Branson, sometimes you have just got to say, “Screw it, let’s do it.”

If there is something that interests you, just do it even if you do not have a business plan in mind.

When you are out and about enjoying the things, you are passionate about, chances are you’re going to meet like-minded people who are able to share their ideas about problems and potential gaps in the market.

Then get to work monetizing a solution.


How many times do we miss practical actionable things we can do to get from being stuck to unstuck?

I recently only discovered how important it is to keep things simple, especially when it comes to doing things differently.

In a world filled with so many options for doing the same thing, it is overwhelming to come to deciding which option is the best way forward.

If you also fall into this trap, especially when needing to make important or big Business decisions, such as knowing where to start, always keep it simple.

Start right where you are, with just what you have, and expand and grow once you perfected the simple.

If you need further advice on how to keep moving forward, to take the next step, or need a helping hand to show you how to achieve your end goals, do reach out to me for ways on improving your Entrepreneurial skills.

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