This is Me

Hi there!
My name is Yvette.

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I’m a child of God, a wife to a gorgeous “George Clooney lookalike” husband, and a mother of two amazing children, a daughter age 17 and a son 10 years.

I am a Business Building Strategist, mindset coach, creative entrepreneur, virtual accountant & tax practitioner.

I build online businesses to inspire, equip, empower, and educate like-minded coaches, creative entrepreneurs, and consultants to successfully grow their own online empires.

I am extremely creative and committed to finding better {digital} solutions to all life’s obstacles.
As a Small Business owner for more than 16 years, I always aim to seek alternative ways to provide solutions that can help Entrepreneurs with their mindset and have a passion to serve, teach and motivate entrepreneurs to move ever upwards in their businesses.

This is my blog, crafted, with YOU in mind.

I blog to inspire and assist with all things Faith, Finance, Business, and Life.  I live in Johannesburg, grew up in Pretoria, and have two cute Pekingese doggies, named Luca and Lisca. I truly value honesty, nature, and truly appreciate real good quality coffee! I absolutely love traveling (and dancing in the rain)…

I am driven by my purpose to serve people, help them to find their purpose, and making an impact in our community through our gifts and talents. I always enjoyed being creative, planning the next event or adventure, and then sharing that in a creative way so others can also enjoy the experience.

Since my Virtual Accounting Firm was founded in 2004, I provided quality outsourced cloud accounting solutions, payroll, and tax advisory to all types of businesses. But I soon realized a deeper passion that helped me pursuit Business Coaching. Through the help of many mentors, life coaches, and mindset coaching, I learned about the self-educational industry.

Coaching and mentoring come naturally and I believe in building relationships by serving others and teaching my knowledge, sharing my real-life experiences, challenges, weaknesses, and strengths, to make an impact that will help and grow a community to be better than yesterday.

My sole focus in life is to find solutions that will bring peace of mind.

This is why I could not find a better name for my blog:

– For Your Serenity – “an Oasis of serenity {peace} amidst the bustling of life’s demands”

May you find some serenity {PEACE} when you visit here.

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Hope to see you here again soon!